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    Monday, April 17, 2017   /   by **Marissa Bishop

    Should You Move to Be Near Your Grandchildren?

    Why relocating is the best decision for many grandparents
    Being a grandparent is almost pure joy. You get the best parts of being with children without all the responsibilities of parenting. But if you live far away from your grandchildren, seeing them will always be a “visit.” Your relationship with your grandchildren will be more of a visiting guest than an integral part of their lives.
    Many grandparents make the decision to sell their home and move to live near their children and grandchildren. It’s a huge decision, and something that should be mutually agreed upon with the adult children. For those who take this step, it can be extremely rewarding. Here are some of the benefits of living near grandchildren.
    A Deeper Relationship with Grandchildren
    By far, the biggest benefit to living near grandchildren is being able to watch them grow up. You can be a part of everyday life, rather than just be there for birthdays and holidays, or their big events. You ...

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    Monday, April 17, 2017   /   by **Marissa Bishop

    Why, Hello There, New Neighbor!

    A Practical Guide to Make Your New Neighbors Feel Right At Home
    When moving to a new neighborhood, there are so many changes. A new home, new commutes, new areas to explore. Everyone wants their homebase to be their sanctuary where we connect with the people around us. As human beings, our hearts and minds will always appreciate the face-to-face contact of becoming friends. We must take advantage of moments where that personal touch is refreshing. The perfect opportunity to do so is when we’re welcoming new neighbors into our community.
    Aside from the fun reception we’re bound to find in meeting new people, it’s especially important to familiarize ourselves with our neighbors for a sense of security. Knowing who lives in our vicinity, developing bonds with the people surrounding our home, will give us a sense of confidence when we’re away and promotes an awareness in the neighborhood. That reassuring feeling of the "communal village" is irreplaceable.

    The ...

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